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Javanook is a NanSoft eLabs venture

NanSoft eLabs has embarked on its maiden venture. The venture is christened M A i M E -
 Mail Alert & Interactive Mail Enquiry.
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Project Objective 
To connect to an Internet Mail Account from a telephone connection. 

Project Overview 
Briefly, the project consists of the following components: 
  • IVR System 
  • Mail Server and Mail Client 
  • Modem Access component 
  • Database 

The user connects to the application from a telephone line, which connects to a modem. The application plays a voice menu, authenticates the user, and retrieves user identification. This identification maps to a user id and password in the database. The application then connects to the mail server with the user's credentials. Again, following the prompts from a voice menu, the application either announces the mails received, or reads a particular mail. 

Project Details 
The application stores user details in a database. The application provides interface to user creation for system access, and also performs e-mail related tasks such as mail account creation, mail access, and mail reader. 

Project Implementation 
Java Platform with TTS engine, Java Mail API, and Java Server programming. 



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