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Javanook is a NanSoft eLabs venture

NanSoft eLabs has embarked on its maiden venture. The venture is christened M A i M E -
 Mail Alert & Interactive Mail Enquiry.
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Q What is a Voice Mail System?

A A voice mail system enables speech interaction between the user and the mail service provider. The user makes choices from a voice menu to access the mail account.

Q How does it benefit the user?
A With the voice mail system in place, the user need not have a computer to access mail. Mails can be checked or have them read out from an ordinary telephone line. This is particularly useful to people on the move or those who don't have  access to a computer, or simply don't want to use one.
Q How do I connect to a Voice Mail System?
A You connect from a regular telephone line. You will be asked to authenticate yourself with your Personal Identification number (PIN). Each user is provided with a unique PIN for authentication and access. 
Q How do I get the PIN?
A  When you have completed the registration process required by the Voice Mail System, you will be provided a PIN against which the system will validate you.
Q What does the registration process involve? 
A The system needs to store details regarding your mail account, such as mail service provider's URL, your user name and password. The system uses this information to connect to your mail account on your behalf. Once you have complied with all the details of registration, the system will mail your PIN to the mail account you have provided.
Q If I give my mail account details, will I not compromise on security?  
A Not at all. All account and personal details are highly secure. The system stores the details in an encrypted format, so that it is not vulnerable to attacks. The system itself runs in a secure environment, behind a firewall. All user data is kept highly confidential, and will not be disclosed to anyone.
Q What technologies does the system use to implement this service? 
A The Voice Mail System uses several technologies that co-operate to deliver this kind of service that is unique in many ways. It uses IVR and XML technologies, with a voice server that runs a TTS engine. The initial version uses only the TTS engine to convert text to speech, but does not recognize human speech. 
Q Do I have to speak to the system? 
A No. All you need to do is to press appropriate digits on the phone's number pad. A voice manu will prompt you to interact with the system, and will guide you to access your mail step by step. 



Interactive Voice Response


Text To Speech


Personal Identification Number


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol


Extensible Markup Language

Voice XML

XML Specification for human speech and audio